Thursday, July 12, 2007


I’m still under a tight deadline but I needed to come up for some much needed air. I swear I’ve just completely lost my mind recently. I’ve been acting right crazy and loving every minute of it. I stepped right out of my comfort zone and have been doing things I probably have no business doing. But I’ve been having a great time and interestingly enough I’ve felt very safe and secure stepping out of my box. I have a long list of things I want to do in this lifetime before I’m physically or emotionally unable to do them at all. At this point in my reality I’m thinking what the hell. Why waste time that I’m not necessarily guaranteed. Life is short and no one has promised me tomorrow. Waiting serves no purpose whatsoever so I just need to do what I want to do and get it over with.

Next on my BIG list is moving to Arizona. I want to move to Phoenix or Tucson. I fell in love with Phoenix years ago while traveling there on a business trip. It was a great trip and I have some incredible memories of the experience. I’d wanted to move to Arizona years ago but compromised and came to rural North Carolina instead. Back then it felt like the smarter thing to do. I had family here. I knew the area. And although I longed instead to risk the unknown and give Phoenix a chance, other folks convinced me that NC was a wiser choice. I’ve loved the experience but I still wish I’d gone west instead. I’m not partial to having regrets like that one, most especially when I can still do something about it. So I’m headed to Arizona. Not quite sure when but I’m definitely sure it won’t be but so far in the very near future.

I also plan to get my bike license. I want a motorcycle. A big one. A really, really big one. Okay, maybe not that big. Classes start up again in August. If all goes well, come Christmas, I fully intend to ask Santa to leave me a Harley in my stocking. Get a clue, Santa Baby!

Traveling is at the top of my list as well. I’m desperate to get to Morocco. And, Brazil, the Fiji Islands, and Alaska (on a cruise of course!). Not a whole lot of places that I’m anxious to see but the ones on my short list have great significance for me. I did most of Europe when I worked for that hotel-owning corporation. Spent more time in London, Paris, and the Middle East than I care to remember. I still can’t speak enough French to be considered proficient and although I had much fun in England, France, despite its beauty and grandeur was not as nice. The Middle East was a story unto itself and not one I’d ever care to read again if I don‘t particularly have to.

Hot air ballooning and white water rafting are also on my list. Losing my mind has benefits. I can be as crazy as I care to be and lay the blame wholly on my current level of dysfunction. I plan to be a whole lotta’ crazy!

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