Sunday, April 01, 2007


My next book, Always Means Forever, will drop in June. The new cover showed up on and this past week. I'm not head over heels in love with it but I definitely don't hate it. In fact, I'm actually impressed that the woman on the cover actually resembles the character in the book.

Covers are always an issue for authors, especially those of us who don't get any say in how our covers will look. There is only one that I felt actually captured the characters and the story and that was the cover for my second book, A LOVE FOR ALL TIME. When I first saw that cover I instantly knew the exact scene from the book it represented. I loved that cover. And though I may have complained, I did truly value my other covers. They represented someone's hard work that was done on my behalf and I do appreciate that.

I love the next book. It was a fun write. It's the story of Bridget Hinton and Darwin Tolliver. Bridget and Darwin were first introduced in my book, The Right Side Of Love and then again in Love In The Lineup. Bridget done finally got her man but Darwin comes with a challenging problem. One that has a profound impact on their bedroom activities. Bridget discovers that getting her groove on isn't quite what she'd imagined it would be.

The story was a challenge in more ways than I cared to count. I took a number of creative liberties with the storyline, a few that had me butting heads with my editor. There were some questions raised about the realism, which I understood, but hey, it's fiction, so why not push the envelope as long as I can tell a great story. Ultimately, I think I told a really great story. I'm just hoping everyone else thinks so too.

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