Thursday, July 16, 2009


Three years ago today I warned that my blog presence would be one heck of a ride. I could say so with much certainty because I knew that life could throw you some serious curves when you least expected.

You all have followed me through the end of my marriage, the death of my child, my writing highs, my publishing lows, and the beginnings of what has proven to be an incredibly beautiful and loving relationship. You’ve read me rant and rave about absolutely nothing and about some things that have been exceptionally important to me. I’ve introduced you to family and friends and have told a few secrets some would probably have preferred I not disclose.

But through ever single word I hoped I have entertained you, lifted your spirit as some of you have lifted mine and just been a good time you could slip away to if only for a brief reading moment. If not, if you were ever bored or insulted, tough cookies. Like I’ve said many times before, you do you, ‘cause I can’t do anything else but do me.

I have loved this blogspot. It has been a source of great energy and has fueled some of my best writing. I keep coming back to it because it engages my creative spirit, gives me a space to vent, and has just been a lot of good, innocent fun.

It’s been three wonderful years and some 360-plus blog posts. Not all of them were great but quite a few were really, really good! I appreciate each and every one of you who keeps coming back to peek inside my world and I welcome all who are finding me for the very first time.

So, continue to hang on and hang on tight. There’s a lot coming around the bend and I don’t imagine that I’m going to start holding back any time soon. I promise, I ain’t sayin’ nothin' but a word and this ride is sure to get a whole lot bumpier!


Anonymous said...

Congrats and keep it coming!

Cherlyn Michaels said...

keep 'em coming! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ride. We all look forward to hearing from you as we have for the past three years. Keep us laughing, crying and smiling.

Congratulations for a successful three years. Wishing you even better writing in the future. I'm sure what's on the way will be GREAT!!!

Deborah Mello said...

THANK YOU! Thank you very much!