Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hattie Joanne Woody
October 7, 1945 - July 23, 2007

Two years ago today God called one of his angels home. Mrs. Hattie J. Woody was an incredible woman whose compassionate spirit, no-nonsense wisdom, and firm hand touched many, many people during her short lifetime. Miss Hattie passed away from cancer shortly after being diagnosed and her death left family and friends asking why and questioning what the good Lord had to have been thinking. I like to imagine that calling her home to rest finally gave her peace and comfort that she would not have found here on earth. I like to imagine that in heaven Miss Hattie is being cared for and catered to instead of being the one everyone calls on to fix what they broke like they did when she was alive.

Miss Hattie made quite an impression on people when they met her. She was a woman who loved her children fiercely, who freely gave everything she possibly had to give, who never once asked for anything in return and whose simple life was rich and full in way far too many will never understand. Miss Hattie followed the tenets of right and wrong to the letter and worked diligently to help those around her do their best to do the same thing.

Every single day Miss Hattie is missed in a way that cannot be explained in words. Her children wish for her back with every breath they take. Her grandchildren could benefit from her loving discipline. Tears are shed daily to honor her memory and the legacy of love she left behind. Birthdays, holidays, and days of celebration where she would have been front and center are empty without her, the loss registering even stronger. But Miss Hattie left a legacy of love, and memories of joy and laughter for every one of us to hold tight to in our hearts.

Miss Hattie made quite an impact in my life during the short time that I was able to know her. Her quiet strength moved, inspired and encouraged me. She had also prophesized a future for me that I couldn’t even begin to fathom back then. To know that love she predicted back then has been an amazing thing.

Last year, as a gift to her family to honor her amazing life I started the Hattie J. Woody Scholarship Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization. The foundation is a vehicle to honor Miss Hattie’s commitment to family and her staunch belief in higher education, serving as an advocate for young adults demonstrating financial need who have been impacted by cancer and need assistance in their pursuit of advance education.

On Saturday, August 22, 2009 the foundation will host Dates for Charity, its second annual fundraiser to raise money for the endowment fund as well as contribute to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. The event will be a charity auction and I am working much hard to insure it’s a success. Click the link to the left for additional details. If you’re in the area and you want to have a great time for a very worthy cause, come out and join us. If not, we do accept checks and credit cards. Please consider making a donation. We can use all the help we can get.

I know how difficult today will be for everyone who loved Miss Hattie and misses her and wishes her back here on earth. But I also know that Miss Hattie would be less than happy if we all weren't taking big strides and making our own mark in this big, wide world. She had huge hopes and dreams for those she loved best and we honor her by trying to fulfill every last one of them. I know Miss Hattie is surely doing her thing in heaven while smiling down on everyone of us here.

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