Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I can’t seem to keep still lately. I feel like I’ve got some serious adult ADD thing going on. Sitting still and staying focused for more than ten minutes has proven to be quite a challenge for me. I just have to be moving and doing something and being home, alone, sitting still, isn’t it. I wish I could say I have an abundance of excess energy, but that’s not my problem. Truth be told I’m exhausted but I can’t seem to rest and I don’t have a clue why or what brought it on.

I’ve spent much money decorating my new townhouse and making it a home. I fancy myself to be quite the interior designer and between HGTV, Ethan Allen furniture, and every interior design book on the market my once bare space could now grace the pages of any decorating magazine. After all the time and work I’ve invested in the place you would think I’d want to hang around and stay awhile. Instead, every chance I get to go I’m gone and I’m not in much hurry to come back. Go figure.

Between now and Sunday I will be moving non-stop. I'm up to no good (well, maybe some good!) and would share the details with you but since the people I'm up to no good for read my blog I won't put it out here just yet. Monday morning however is a whole other animal and what's secret now will surely be fair game.

So, until then, my home still won't be seeing very much of me. At this rate, between mortgage and utilities, it would be much less expense to just buy myself a tent and pack my clothes into the trunk of my car!


Phyllis Bourne said...

I just finished (and loved) Tame a Wild Stallion!

So I'm checking our your blog and waving hello!

Wish someone would come decorate my house. I have AWFUL taste in that kinda stuff, so my living and dining room are still empty because I'm scared of messing 'em up.

Deborah Mello said...

Thank you! (Waving back!)

Just go for it. Anything messed up can easily be changed. If you can paint and like color go for it. One of my favorite things to do is roam decorating books and magazines and then "copy" a room look that I absolutely love. What's most important though is that you have fun with it! Good luck!