Sunday, February 04, 2007


A guest co-host on the morning talk show, The View, irked me recently. The hot topic of the morning was about Barack Obama, a black man, and Hillary Clinton, a white woman, both announcing their intent to make a run for the Presidency of the United States. This co-host commented that “she wished a regular, white guy would join the race to make things easier”. The comment made me stop and pause. Easier for who? For what? Why? And what about all the regular white guys, like John Edwards, who have also tossed their names in the running? Would her regular, white guy be able to do something a black man or a white woman couldn’t do? We’ve already got a regular white guy in the office and if his record is any indication of what another regular white guy will do for us, then damn!

Then of course, presidential candidate Joe Biden showed his true color by commenting that Obama is “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean”. I guess Biden won’t ever be able to claim that some of his best friends are black ‘cause it would seem he doesn’t know any black people. I don’t know where the Delaware senator has been hiding his past 50-odd years but I was always under the impression that they had plenty of “articulate and bright and clean” black people in Delaware. Perhaps as he begins traversing the presidential trail he’ll pull his head out of his ass and actually open his eyes.

I actually abhor politics and I don’t like most politicians but I’ve come to realize that my disinterest will be a detriment to my grandchildren and to their children. The adage that if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything keeps sweeping through my mind. And so I’m standing.

I want an American president. I don’t care about his race or his religion and I sure don’t give a flying fig about his sexual predilections as long what he does is done in the privacy of his bedroom with a consenting partner. But I do care that he cares about America and Americans.

I want an American president who is concerned about American children and childcare and working parents. Who spends American money on America.

I want an American president who will fight for my rights and your rights and not just the rights of corporate business and international entities. A president who will treat the poor as well as he will treat the wealthy.

I want an American president whose presidential promises will be about feeding our hungry, helping our homeless, and protecting our elderly.

I want an America president whose campaign promises will actually be kept.

I want an American president who believes in telling the truth, an individual with integrity and character. A person who will stand tall and admit if he, or she, is wrong.

I want an American president who has actually read the American Constitution. Someone who remembers what the doctrines of free speech and the right to privacy were made for.

I want an American president who will fight a good and fair fight for Americans. An individual who will speak from his heart and not spout mindless rhetoric written to incite fear and loathing of people and things that have nothing to do with America.

I want an American president who puts Americans first. Someone who values its citizens and puts their needs before all else.

And, I’m ready and willing to stand up for any candidate who’s up for the challenge.


Anonymous said...


You are so right, I want a President who actually wants whats best for the people.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit, it's hard for me to. I follow politics closely, and I'm just tickled pink that we have both a qualified black man and woman in the race for 2008 - both with a good chance of getting the ticket! As a BLACK WOMAN - I won't deny my COMPLETELY PREJUDICIAL desire to vote for both! Can we put them on the same ticket?! That would make it easier for me!