Friday, August 05, 2011


I love dance. I love absolutely everything about dance!

The CBS hit show, So You Think You Can Dance!, is by far my favorite dance reality show simply because it seems to treat dance more seriously, showcasing choreography across a range of genres and artists from companies like the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the American Ballet Theater. This show is more about the art and not necessarily the sport.

Last night viewers narrowed the competition field down to the top four contestants, and my personal favorite, 23-year old Sasha Mallory made it to the finals.

Sasha Mallory began studying ballet technique at the Royal Academy of Dance. She has trained at the Houston Ballet, the Boston Ballet and the Ailey School's summer intensives. Her specialty is contemporary, but there doesn’t seem to be anything this young woman doesn’t excel at. She is truly a gifted artist.

Initially, Sasha auditioned with her 18-year old sister Natalia. The audition process uncovered some health issues for Natalia who does not have a typical dancer’s body. Natalia is a bigger girl with curves but she had impeccable technique and an amazing heart. The girl could truly dance her butt off. I wish she’d made it to the top 20 because I know, like her sister, Natalia would have met any challenge put to her and viewers would have loved her. I’m really feeling that if she’d been given the opportunity we might be seeing a finale with two sisters competing against each other.

Instead, Sasha will be competing against 19-year old Melanie Moore, another incredible talent. Melanie trained at Centre Stage School of Dance and Rhythm Dance Center in Marietta, GA. She is also a freshman at Fordham University.

And not to disregard the final two male dancers, Marko Germar and Tadd Gadduang, both exceptional as well, but for me, this finale will be about the strength of two incredible young women who I think have already blown both boys right out of the water. But that's just how I'm voting.

Now, I think I need to go dancing!


Anonymous said...

Girl I still have video of you back when you were dancing!!! A few of your old friends haven't forgotten. I bet you could still give them kids a run for their money. Don't make me put that on facebook!!!

Deborah Mello said...

You are so funny! And don't even think about putting that mess on facebook if you want to stay friends! Some things we need to take to our graves...LOL!

Anonymous said...

I loved one routine Sasha did with her partner to the song Misty Blue by Dorothy Moore. That routine had me fanning myself thinking of breakfast in a whole new light. That was just awesome. I have to find that one on you tube!

Almost forgot about that photo I have of you and baby sis with the feather boas...Much love to you girl! Bridget

Deborah Mello said...

Yeah, that was hot!! I hate that she didn't win and I hope that she'll have a great career in dance because clearly the girl loves it.

And only you would remind me of the feather boas and the routine that should have never happened....

Love ya!!