Sunday, August 28, 2011


Since embarking on this journey of shameless self-promotion I’ve been asked “what” about me and “why” this endeavor. I thought it only fair to respond since there have been so many new visitors here and to my page.

So, “what” about me?

I’m a storyteller. I endeavor to do that by writing stories and writing them well. I discovered my knack for storytelling when I was a little girl. It started with a lie; a very elaborate, very detailed lie. I learned that when I lied to Daddy it only got me one hell of an ass-whooping. My beloved granny, on the other hand, helped me to see that when you refine those fibs into really good stories, then that is something else altogether.

In middle school, I was good at fabricating reasons for never having my science homework. An astute science teacher recognized that I was most likely not going to have a career in the sciences. Acknowledging the poetry I doodled in the margins of my science lab book, she afforded me the opportunity to write for a passing grade. The rest is history in the making.

Now, with eleven romance novels under my belt, a novella coming in October, and my very first literary drama I’m hoping to take my storytelling to a whole new level.

And that brings me to “why” this endeavor.

Promoting myself and my work, in hopes of winning the contest, is taking me well outside of my comfort zone. I don’t do this well. Writing is my art. Storytelling is the gift I’ve been blessed with. Self-promotion has been the bane of my existence. is on the same mission I am, trying to grow their brand. It only makes sense to ride their coattails as I venture to grow my own brand and to discover just what I’m capable of while I do. I also need to sell books and I'm hoping that by putting myself out here, it might garner more interest in my newest book, RESTED WATERS. Besides, I’m also a little vain. Why wouldn’t I want my face on a billboard in Times Square?

So as you discover more about me and more important, my books, please, visit my page and give me your vote. It’s greatly appreciated.

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