Saturday, July 16, 2011


Gerald is a family man. His entire existence revolves around parents, children, siblings and a host of others in his bloodline. His mother is his best friend in the whole wide world and he cannot imagine a day going by where the host of them don’t see each other or spend hours on the telephone. Gerald is a man who cannot fathom family not being the center of his existence.

Theresa didn’t have Gerald’s family. Her mother was indifferent to her, the woman’s behavior bordering on abusive. She doesn’t know her father and she and her brother are not the best of friends. Neither really cares if they don’t show up in each other’s lives.

But Gerald is about showing up and he believes if Theresa invested more time and energy trying to build the bonds between herself and them then things could be different for them all.

But Gerald didn’t live Theresa’s disappointments. He didn’t shed Theresa’s tears and never experienced her pain. Theresa doesn’t have the words to help him understand that sometimes showing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Theresa loves Gerald because he is a family man. She considers herself blessed to have found family with him and his. And him and his are enough for Theresa. She wishes it was enough for Gerald.

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