Thursday, July 14, 2011


She has proven herself to be such a valuable resource that there are some who cannot wipe their own butts without calling to consult her on the toilet paper. It takes its toll when she is supposed to not only have knowledge about the next coming, but be accurate with the date and time as well.

The pressure to know all and be all, able to relay concepts in such in a manner that even a kindergartener can understand, leaves her with little time for herself or her own pleasures. Her personal life dangles between incessant telephone calls, her fielding questions and scoring answers when she would much rather be relaxing on an island retreat with her man. She’d rather someone else field all the how-to questions and be the sage oracle family and friends have come to see her as, but no one seems willing, or able, to step up to the plate.

The obligations and expectations have diminished her quality of life and those who should be concerned aren’t because they’re too busy wanting her to read their futures and fix their personal messes instead of learning how to fix their problems for themselves.

As she whined into her margarita I really didn’t have much sympathy for her plight. I’ve watched enough Oprah to know that she entertains the madness because she can. She wouldn’t do it if she wasn’t getting something from it. She’s an enabler and even if saying no and letting go would be better for everyone concerned, she cannot bring herself to do it.

So when she asked me for my advice I had to shrug my shoulders and laugh. As I slid the tab for my own drink in front of her, I told her if she really wanted to make it better, to just hang out a sign saying she charges for her services. Guaranteed, if compensation for her time and advice was required, folks would quickly figure out a way to solve their issues without her.

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