Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's been a good day. Did that exercise thing bright and early and got it out of the way, then visited one of my favorite places, the NC Museum of Art, to see the exhibit 30 Americans.

30 Americans highlights the work of 31 contemporary African American artists in an exhibition organized by and drawn from the Rubell Family Collection. Mera Rubell and her husband Don, together with their children, Jennifer and Jason, have amassed one of the more ambitious private collections of contemporary art.

30 Americans consists of 75 works of art and includes painting, drawing, photography, video, sculpture, and mixed-media installations. The exhibition features both established and emerging artists and illustrates how a previous generation of African American artists has influenced the current generation. The exhibition focuses on artists who explore similar themes and subject matter in their work, primarily issues of race, gender, identity, history, and popular culture.

I was both disappointed and pleasantly surprised by the exhibition. Disappointed because there were a few installations that I personally, did not feel represented the quality of artwork I know exists and pleasantly surprised to discover one or two artists whose works I did not know and who wholeheartedly blew me away.

Of course the images by Carrie Mae Weems were classic and I absolutely LOVED everything by artist Kahinde Wiley. The Nick Cave sculptures were fun and the work of performance artist Kalup Linzy was strangely interesting. I liked his artwork much more than his video performance, which I found uncomfortably vulgar. The untitled piece of “found carpet” by Rodney McMillian didn’t move me at all and made me question its relevance in an exhibit of this nature.

My midday jaunt reminded me of things I've been missing and wholeheartedly enjoy. An afternoon nap as thunder storms raged outside was relaxing and refreshing. The evening has ended in the company of my bestest friend and most favorite people sipping mocha mudslides and eating barbecued ribs and macaroni & cheese.

It's been a really good day!


Anonymous said...

Loved the honesty in this piece. I know you were referring to those legendary Fletcher ribs!

Deborah Mello said...

Gotta love them ribs!!!