Sunday, January 30, 2011


I go through phases of obsession. Two years ago it was little black dresses. I spent months trying to find the perfect little black dress. Toward that goal I lost count of the number of little black dresses that I purchased. I know that at least two dozen of them are hanging in my closet with the price tags still on them.

Then I went through my sweat suit phase. Couldn’t get enough cute sweat suits to bum around the house in. Bought until I was sweat suited out!

Now I’m back to a girl’s all-time favorite: shoes! I love me some shoes! And I love shoes that make a statement.

Recently I was desperate for the sleekest pair of black, thigh-high boots that I could find. I spent at least three months looking for the most perfect pair and then I found these Christian Louboutin black suede boots that absolutely rocked my obsessive spirit and kicked it back into thigh-high gear. My boots are all that and an extra-large bag of chips. My boots are HOT! and I feel like I am on fire when I'm wearing them. LOVE my boots!!!!!

Then I had to get these babies.

They are the cutest little booties that convert to a fold-over. While I was waiting for the FedEx man to make my special delivery I found the animal print booties and how could I pass up the animal print?

Summer’s coming and between the strappy sandals, cute espadrilles, high-heeled slides and every other too cute shoe I can fathom, I’m thinking that I may need to get me some retail therapy help to reel in my obsession.

And I need to reel that obsession in 'cause more times than not I usually default to my favorite pair of tennis shoes or my black Capezios and all my great shoes sit pretty in their boxes with the price tags still on them.

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