Monday, January 31, 2011


One of my all-time favorite reality shows ended their season with a loud thump last night. The Real Housewives of Atlanta have spent the last few weeks showcasing the bitter battles between Nene and Kim, Nene and her husband, and Nene and everyone else who got on Nene’s one good nerve. Nene’s rages have been a bit much over the past two seasons but when you consider that she’s going through a very nasty and public divorce with a husband who is living in her basement, is frustrated by a grown son who isn’t riding the fast track to adulthood, and reinventing herself as a woman and single parent, Nene should be able to rage.

Kim has been her usual delusional and narcisstic self and Kandi has been biting back her tongue to keep the peace while she navigates reviving her singing career. Sheree was, well, Sheree. From one season to the next everything about her continues to feel fake, forced and extremely bland. At least this season she wasn’t picking fights in public and pulling off people’s wigs for air time.

Newcomer Phaedra turned out to be far more likeable at the end of the season than she was at the beginning. Initially Phaedra played that southern belle roll to the hilt, but eventually we came to see that Phaedra was simply country to her core. Post-birth Phaedra was far less abrasive and not nearly as pretentious once her hormone levels were back in balance. I can appreciate that she’s really a great mother to her newborn son and she would seem to adore her hunky husband. Her tears as she was leaving her baby to return to work for the first time were truly moving. But I wish someone would tell her that she needs to support that baby’s head better before she snaps his little neck.

And then we had the other new housewife Cynthia Bailey. The finale revolved around whether or not Cynthia was going to actually make it down the aisle to marry her companion, Peter Thomas. I like Cynthia. Like most, I was wishing Cynthia would see the light and not marry Peter. The man came across as arrogant, controlling, inept, and the source of all Cynthia’s unhappiness.

Just before the ceremony, the groom was a bit inebriated and Cynthia had come close to polishing off a bottle of champagne herself. The need for liquid strength on what should have been the happiest day of their lives was the first red flag. Cynthia’s mother and sister crying tears of anguish and not joy, and even contemplating hiding the marriage license, was the kicker for me. Obviously we only got to see a fraction of the couple’s relationship. After seeing Cynthia’s family’s reaction I can only begin to imagine what they have been privy to.

Through it all Cynthia seemed most happy about her platinum gown. I so wanted to tell her that she could keep her beautiful dress, but that she didn’t need to keep a man who didn’t seem to be making her happy. But Cynthia did make it down the aisle to pledge her love, knowing that divorce was always an option if needed. I certainly wish her well, and him too, but much like Kim, I’m not betting on them lasting but so long through their marital blues.

It’s been one heck of a season for the Housewives of Atlanta and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I can’t wait for the new season to get here!

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