Friday, December 12, 2008


I love to share in other people's joy. And I love things of beauty.

My brilliant photographer friend, Ross Oscar Knight has this uncanny knack of giving me both, his work eloquently expounding the full magnitude of the human spirit. His visuals are so overwhelmingly breathtaking that I am reminded to view this world with all of my senses least I miss the embodiment of so many colors and textures. As I may have said before, he does with a camera what I strive to do with words.

Though we have never met, I consider Ross and his beautiful wife friends because he so readily allows us into his world, to partake of his experiences, and to share in his many blessings. He is also wise beyond his years and he just seems like a really decent guy. He brings me joy with the sheer magnitude of his talent and he makes it all look so darn pretty. Who wouldn't want to have someone like that for a friend?

As you roll into your weekend, enjoy this Ross Oscar Knight experience. I know I surely did! JOY & BEAUTY

And don't just look at the pictures. Make sure you play the slideshow too!!!!

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