Thursday, October 11, 2007


Jessica’s got a relationship dilemma that truly has her questioning her sanity. Jessica and West have been together for months now. Their romantic relationship developed after they’d built a dynamic friendship. Because both were coming off the heels of really bad relationships they’d decided to keep their attraction to each other a secret from family and friends as they made their way around your typical new relationship bumps.

And then they hit some serious bumps. Each one more devastating than the one before. So much so, that both of them were feeling overwhelmed, out of sorts, and seriously challenged. But Jessica was fighting tooth and nail to hold on to what she had with West and he with her because she truly believed in the beauty of what they shared together. And she loves him, heart and soul.

Family and friends could see the duo had become closer, still not knowing though just how close the bond had actually grown. And still the couple decided they weren’t yet ready to share what was between them with everybody else. Then West became ill. Ill in like confined to a hospital bed ill and Jessica was suddenly questioning her sanity.

Jessica didn’t learn about West being sick from West. An acquaintance called to share that news. West’s family appreciated Jessica’s concern but they didn’t consider her a part of his inner circle and so they didn’t think it appropriate to keep her abreast of his condition. After all, she was only a “friend”. Jessica didn’t have a clue what to do. Clearly, if West had needed her, he would have made sure someone had contacted her, at least that’s what Jessica wants to believe and then she wonders if maybe West didn’t want her by his side during a time when the person you claim to love should be there. Jessica’s ready to storm the hospital to go see about her man, but wanting to respect the agreement between them she’s pacing the floor waiting for information instead.

And now Jessica’s feeling crazy and questioning every ounce of her sanity. Pacing the floors, wringing her hands, trying to hold back tears crazy with worry about West and not having a soul who can tell her what’s going on or what it is she should do.

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