Monday, September 10, 2007


HGTV’s reality show Design Star has narrowed their selection down to two choices for the American public to vote on. Kim Myles has my vote hands down! I think this woman is absolutely priceless. She has the most engaging, warming spirit and this infectious laugh and smile. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment she was on camera. I love everything she’s done this season and one day will have her decorate my dream house. I hope that happens soon because I have no doubts that before long she’ll be well out of my dream price range. If you haven’t watched the show, catch the repeats. I’m sure they’ll have a few leading up to the final announcement next Sunday. The other guy is very good as well, but Kim is better. Just my opinion. Voting closes on the website on Wednesday. So vote, for Kim.

Name: Kim Myles
Age: 34
Home: Queens, New York
Profession: Hair Stylist/Design Enthusiast
Education: Associate's degree in Performing Arts — Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts
Why I should win: I was built for this — I just didn't know there was a category for me until I watched Design Star!
A designer's best friend: Imagination and fearlessness.
My secret weapon: A sense of humor.
My design style boils down to: Global-urban elegance.
What is your formal design training: Nothing formal. New York City is my university, design magazines are my homework and HGTV is my lecture hall.


Tiffany said...

This is one of my favorite shows but I didn't get to see the last show but I am rooting for Kim too, I hope she wins.

Anonymous said...

Deborah, I voted for Kim also. She is a very talented young woman. I am also a licensed hairstylist and "very" good with my hands and have an eye for design ( a natural gift), so I can relate to her on the creative side, So my best wishes to Kim. I will be watching. YOU!!, however Deborah, have really intrigued me! I was reading about your thoughts of the life's"3" and I would like to read more of you thoughts and beliefs. You don't sound crazy to me at all. You sound like a very intune with reality woman. Please at you own time, contact me. I am very interested in speaking with you and also purchasing some of your books. I am just in the little city of Indianapolis. Good luck girl!