Monday, September 10, 2007


I have a new attitude and it came on the heels of one very harsh reality. Life ain’t fair and no one said it would be. My grandfather use to say that there were only two things in the world he had to do: stay black and die. According to the Philosophy of Ollie his black wasn’t going anywhere and death was just a journey we’re all destined to take at some point in time. Other than that he had full control over everything else and most important, he had full control over himself. And don’t ever whine about life being unfair because that would truly get him ranting and raving. He didn’t mind reminding you that no one made you any promises about your life one way or the other so if you failed to meet your own expectations, tough. You would soon get over it, or not. Again, your choice.

Old folks and old folks philosophy wasn’t high on my To-Follow list when I was younger. All those life lessons had to be learned the hard way because I was stubborn to a fault. Papa use to say a hard head made for a soft ass and for the longest time mine was bruised black and blue from my falling on it all the time. But I’ve got a new attitude. I can’t control anyone else but me. And if I don’t reel me in and act like I’ve got some good sense then I surely can’t expect that anyone else will. Nor would I want them too. Some folks think they need to save me from myself. But I don’t need saving. I don’t plan to fall again. Hard lessons have been learned and stored away for future reference and my new attitude has me sitting right at the top of my game.

I’ve got my big girl panties on and I'm dealing with some major mess 'cause life just ain't fair. But I'm already over it, and what I know for certain is that I will be just fine.

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