Saturday, June 04, 2011


Kryptonite strikes again! I blew up another computer. Some of you may remember that this is my fifth computer. My fifth computer in the last year! I have completely decimated multiple hard drives, been attacked and infected by some viruses from hell and this time it seems that I cracked the screen on my brand new laptop. Darn thing looked like an abstract painting gone bad.

With another computer down family and friends have taken to hiding theirs the minute I step into the room. If I even attempt to mutter the words, “may I borrow…”, folks seem to disappear like vapor. My favorite was the kid who said, “don’t even think about asking” as he held up his fingers in the sign of a cross.


So, with my computer down I’m back to pen and paper and it’s not working for me the way I need it to.


I’m thinking I need an intervention of some kind, maybe a hard drive exorcism, some voodoo incantation, or a talisman to ward off the demon that continues to strike every time my fingers hit the keyboard.

And I need it quick, before my computer gets back from being serviced!


Ms.PBrown said...

Oh Ms. Debby, I couldn't help but give off a lil laugh after reading this. I think you and I both need some luck. Maybe leprechauns will help. I'd stay away from the voodoo though. Witch doctors can be sneaky~ And don't feel bad. My own mother kills just about every plant she ever touches. I do hope you can get a really awesome computer that's break, virus, and accident resistant.

Anonymous said...

Get an Apple Computer, yeah they cost more but they don't break down and you don't have to worry about viruses and the like.