Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Y’all just knew I couldn’t give up my reality show addiction! Withdrawal didn’t even get a chance to set in good before I was back at it.

So let me tell you what has my attention!

• The Glee Project – Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!! Talented young people who can sang! It just gives me goose bumps!

• Single Ladies – A VH1 hit from start to finish! Girlfriends meets Sex In The City, with a colorful cast and some of the best lines I wish I’d written myself. LOVE it!

• The Voice – Making bald absolutely beautiful, I want to see Frenchie Davis and Beverly McClellan go right to the top of the charts! Not only can these two women sing but they both have thebest spirits!!!! I also have a thing for that cutie, Javier Colon.

The judges, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christine Aguilera and Cee Lo Green are great too. Plus I adore Cee Lo with his candy-looking self, coming off like a milk dud one week and a red M&M the next! Just too sweet!

• Real Housewives of New Jersey – I know…(shaking my head)…it’s just such a guilty pleasure to see folks acting like fools and thinking there is absolutely nothing wrong with their bad behavior. I was indifferent to the Orange County cast and New York was just plain irritating. But I like the Jersey girls and I so want the Atlanta wives to come back.

• Million Dollar Decorators – it’s a decorating show, with outrageous budgets and decorators with outrageous attitudes who just make the prettiest rooms! What’s not to like?

• Platinum Hit – once again it speaks to my creative spirit! It’s writing with music!

And last, but definitely not least,

• So You Think You Can Dance! - And no, every time I watch those kids slip, slide, and swing around that stage, I know that what I do is as far from dancing as one can possibly get. But I do have hope and I love to twist and turn and tap and pretend I can do the do.

So, I’m hooked for the summer. Again. But on the upside...

I am writing! One book down, two more to go.

And reading! Just finished Kathryn Stockett’s THE HELP, ICE: A MEMOIR OF GANGSTER LIFE AND REDEMPTION by Ice-T, PYM by Mat Johnson, and PERFECT PEACE by Daniel Black.

And I am having an absolute blast!

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