Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am surrounded by stuff and clutter. More “stuff” than I know what to do with. I’m moving. I made the decision to leave my immaculately decorated home for the comfy clutter of my grandmother’s back room. If you remember, it took me forever to get my new home where I wanted it to be so this was no easy decision. So I am surrounded by stuff that I’m trying to pack into storage and I can’t help but ask myself what I’ve managed to sign on for.

My grandmother is pushing ninety. And she’s beginning to wear her age. She’s having some serious issues. Her seeing dead people is topping the list. When I moved to North Carolina I came specifically to be close to my granny in case she needed help. Back then she’d balked at the thought. Today, she can’t wait for me to move in, having a long list of things for me to help with. Ghosts seem to be the biggest problem thus far.

For months now I had hoped to convince her to move into an assisted living facility. She’s been adamant that she will not leave her home. The house she resides in was purchased many years ago by her two older sisters and an aunt. At varying times they all lived in that two-bedroom saltbox together and individually. Every one of them died in that house. Auntie went first, falling asleep one night and succumbing to old age. Then her sister Rosalie died after suffering a massive stroke. Sister Jane passed on years later, sitting in a recliner in the living room as she watched an episode of Phil Donahue. Granny has lived there alone for the last fifteen years. She now insists that she is supposed to die in that house.

So, I’m putting my stuff into storage and me and granny and the ghosts are going to do assisted living all on our own. Join me for the ride. I guarantee it’s going to make for some very interesting blog posts.

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