Saturday, May 10, 2008


I raised six children. All of them were mine whether I’d given birth to them or not, and I did not give birth to them all. I have never differentiated one from the other and most folks who know us couldn’t tell you which ones I’d carried for nine months and which ones I hadn’t. My love for them and their well-being has always been endless and continues to fill me each and every day.

One of the darkest moments in my marriage was the year the ex-hubby was asked what he’d done to acknowledge me for Mother’s Day and his response was, “Nothing. She’s nobody’s mother!” I was crushed that I could raise a man’s children as my own, one born outside the marriage, and he could say something so cruel and cold. The ill-will of that moment was diminished as I opened the homemade gifts and loving cards from my babies, proof positive that as a Mom I was doing something right. It was a difficult adjustment when my kids left home, their lives headed in a direction I could no longer control. More difficult for me than for them as I found my mothering skills needed less often.

My late son use to kick off every Mother’s Day with the first telephone call to me. I also knew that he was probably responsible for many a year that the others needed reminding to even make their own calls. His death hit me hardest that first Mother’s Day when reality set it that there was no call from him to ever come again. His siblings took up the reins though, continuing to life my spirits every year. I so look forward to their calls on Mother’s Day to say hello. I couldn’t begin to put into words how much their love and support means to me.

Don’t forget to call and honor your mother or whoever that special maternal figure is in your life. If your mommy-person is no longer around to acknowledge, take a moment to remember the good times and the beautiful moments you shared together. All those good thoughts will surely find their way to heaven to light another star in the sky. If you’re the one dispensing out that special mother love all year long, I pray that you’re remembered fondly and with much, much love.

May each of you be blessed with a safe and Happy Mother’s Day!

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