Monday, January 08, 2007


For the first time, I don’t have one writer’s lament. Nary a complaint or ill word. Nothing to bemoan or whine about. And I plan to keep it this way. And not to say anything has really changed with my situation but I’ve just decided to do what I do best and let the rest just do what it plans to do.

If one peruses the many writers’ blogs out here in never-never land, we writers spend as much time lamenting about our writing and the publishing industry as we do lauding our work or the work of others. Perhaps more when you add it all up because our many complaints sometimes seem endless: can’t find an agent, agent we got ain’t doin’ her job, bad reviews, no reviews, publisher complaints, writer’s block, editor issues, Oprah won’t answer our calls, and even Gayle is ignoring us!

Unless we‘re sitting pretty on the top of the best-seller’s lists, which most of us aren't, we seem to feel that little is going well with us and ours as we maneuver to master the art of our craft and the ever elusive master marketing plan that actually puts us on top of that best-seller list. Particularly for authors of color, feeling under-valued, disenfranchised, and just plain lost as we deal with the publishing industry’s many idiosyncrasies has become consuming.

And I’ve decided enough is enough. I’m a writer. What I do best is write. Bemoaning everything that’s not going how I might like interferes with my writing. It's keeping me from attaining my dreams. It’s energy that would be better served on a sheet of blank paper with a ball point pen in my hand. I am simply sick and tired of allowing what I cannot control, or change, interfere with me doing what I do best. And so I ain’t got no more complaints! All I have is a story to tell and all I need is a blank sheet of paper to put it on.

I believe that I can accomplish my goals with the help, grace and favor of God. And I believe in myself. I have faith that my destiny will be better served as long as I'm writing and not bemoaning the crap I can't do anything about. And I firmly believe it's that faith that will take my dreams to fruition. So, I ain't got no more complaints. Whatever happens with me and my writing will be what it will be.

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