Friday, December 15, 2006


The press release for the new book has been written and approved. The January newsletter is almost finished and just about ready to go to print. Promotional packages are laid out with the envelopes addressed just waiting for my quarterly newsletter. And, I still haven’t done an ounce of holiday shopping. No, take that back. I have only completed an ounce of holiday shopping.

My marketing plan for the next book has come together quite nicely. I’ve got book signings scheduled from the beginning of February and running pretty well through the month of March. I fully intend to come off the holiday season hitting the ground running. I have a lot riding on my next book and not only for myself but for others as well because I’ve made the decision to donate a significant percentage of the royalties I earn on this book to others. Details of my donation intentions will come within the week.

I’m in a giving mood but I’m not interested in standing in some long department store line to purchase some item that I know is neither needed nor wanted. I’m approaching this holiday differently, the spirit of my giving rising from some place not even near my credit cards or checkbook. I want to make some joyful noise this holiday. Noise like I've never made before. I’m going to be exceptionally creative this year. Goodness knows what that might bring about! I've pulled out the craft box, the glue gun is heating, and we don't even want to start talking about the glitter!

And as I sit here and go down my gift list I realize that folks are going to be greatly surprised come Christmas morning when they open my presents. I can’t wait!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a treat is coming to all of those who have been nice. I hope we made the list this year. We all look forward to your creative talents!!!