Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Friday night the son and I went to see the touring production of the Lion King. The boy balked at first, eyes rolling, head waving, insisting that he was going to be bored for the entire night. Even had the audacity to say that I was his one and only mercy date for the year! Of course, he left the theater with the biggest grin on his face. After spending some sixty bucks on a tee shirt and a little stuffed Timon souvenir he is still raving about how spectacular the show was. The entire performance was a reminder of what I miss most about not living in Connecticut. I miss how easy it was to catch the train into New York for an evening of dinner and theater.

If you have an opportunity to see the stage production of Lion King, please do. It is well worth the price of a ticket. It was absolutely captivating. The entire show was just a breathtaking spectacle brought to life. They had giraffes strutting, birds swooping, gazelles leaping, an oversized elephant that strutted, and grass that danced. We were blessed with spectacular seats in the center mezzanine of the theater and were able to see every single detail. I am still in awe of the costumes and the music was just inspiring. The whole evening was simply sensory overload at its very best.

This coming weekend we’re doing a college open house. The boy has reserved my whole Saturday for walking the campus of North Carolina State University and talking to folks at their school of engineering. I want to be excited for him because he’s excited but this is too much of a reminder that my baby is getting closer to leaving the nest. The school year is almost half over as it is. Before I know it, it will be time for graduation and he’ll have his foot half out the door. I get teary every time I think about it and I think about it a lot.

With the holidays fast approaching I know that I don’t have but so much time left with him so I’m grabbing every spare minute I can. Even now I have to share him with his buddies and a long line of giggling girls. The buddies I can take. The girls tax my last nerve. Now, I don’t doubt that one or two of them are probably very nice young ladies, but since he’s my baby boy I don’t have to like any of them. I consider that a mother's prerogative.

As we were leaving the theater I asked my son if he finally felt the love, as I, admittedly, did a very bad rendition of Elton John and Tim Rice's Oscar -winning tune, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." My baby rolled his eyes, shook his head from side to side and gave me a “Mom, please, would you stop” look. Then he tossed an arm around my shoulders and hugged me. In that moment even if he didn’t, I surely did.

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LaShaunda said...

Ah what a sweet story. I definitely hope to get some tickets when they come to St. Louis.