Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'm excited to announce that the paperback edition of my newest release, Truly Yours, is now available wherever books are sold.  The KINDLE and NOOK editions will be available for download this Thursday, August 1, 2013. 
A fine work of art…... 
Legendary engineer Darryl Boudreaux is a master with his hands, and his creative genius is unparalleled. Many a woman has desired Darryl's expert tutelage, but he is off the market—for anything serious. Experience has convinced him to focus his passion on his work.
When architect Camryn Charles gets sight of her new partner, she is determined to keep things professional. This is easier said than done. Is it the heat of the smoldering French Quarter, or is it Darryl's quiet sexiness that is raising her temperature? Camryn would never sacrifice her integrity for a few wanton moments between the sheets. Yet Darryl's burning gaze suggests there could be something more between them—something that could dare them both to lay everything on the line….
An excerpt from Truly Yours:
Darryl was suddenly unnerved by the eagerness that consumed him as he sauntered slowly to where Camryn was sitting. The attractive woman was even more stunning, having changed from her business attire to a form fitting Herve Leger dress. The fabric’s vibrant red color complemented her complexion nicely. Her dark brown curls had been slicked back into a neat ponytail, and big bold earrings decorated her earlobes. Her makeup was impeccable and her easy smile showed dazzling white teeth. Her dark eyes were large and bright, her crystal complexion reminding him of deep, rich molasses. The sight of her took his breath away.
“I’m not late, am I?” Darryl asked, a quiver of heat shooting through his spirit. He tried to be casual as he pulled out the chair on the other side of the table and sat down.
Camryn took a deep breath and swallowed before speaking. “No, not at all, Darryl. I was actually a few minutes early.”
Darryl’s smile widened. “So, here we are,” he said as a wave of nervous energy seemed to blanket the space around them.
“Here we are,” Camryn echoed, suddenly feeling like a grade-schooler with her first crush.
The silence was unnerving and both were grateful when their server moved to the table to take their orders.
“Bourbon. Definitely bourbon,” Camryn said, her eyebrows lifted in jest.  Camryn laughed. “I’ll take mine straight,” she added. “Three fingers, please!"
By the time the drinks were delivered, the two were making small talk. Camryn commented on the unusually warm weather and an unplanned shopping excursion. Darryl reflected on his flight into town and the storms that had delayed his travels. Camryn bragged about the two awards she’d recently won for the family business. Darryl detailed the multi-million- dollar project he’d worked on before being hired by his brother. She talked about her father and their family business. He shared his vision for Boudreaux Towers and what might come after. They shied away from sharing any personal information, only very briefly mentioning anything about their respective families. Neither ventured to divulge whether or not they were in a romantic relationship.  Instead, the duo had seemed to come to an unspoken agreement of not wanting to know if there was someone significant in the other's personal life.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this book. I simply could not put it dowm. Camryn is one of my favorite characters. You have a faboulous gift. I felt as though I knew this fictional character.

Deborah Mello said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you reaching out to let me know what you thought about my book. I loved giving life to Camryn! She was a character I enjoyed writing.

Thanks for stopping by!