Friday, July 12, 2013


Every book I've ever written has had a theme song or songs; music that played over and over again in the background as I wrote.  There was something about each that moved me, connecting me to the story or the characters.  Some of the songs that have inspired the characters in my Boudreaux Family series have surprised me.  Others not so much. 

50 Cent consumed me a few months ago as I plotted through The Sweetest Thing, my March 2014 book in the Just Desserts series that I'm writing for Kensington Books.  His music was hard and raw and one song, Candy Shop, took me and my writing places I hadn't imagined going.  When I finished, I was really happy with the outcome.  Since then I haven't had any need for 'Fiddy'.

Maitlyn Boudreaux's story, Hearts Afire, is next in the Boudreaux Family lineup, currently scheduled to come out in February 2014.  Maitlyn required something else and it took me a minute to figure out what that was.  And then a chance click on a "new video" link brought me the perfect song.  As Maitlyn lost herself,  found love, lost love, rediscovered herself and reclaimed love, Alicia Keyes played in the background, over and over, one song speaking volumes about who Maitlyn was and where she was going.

The chorus to Alicia's song, Tears Always Win, was Maitlyn's theme.  As I closed the pages on Maitlyn's story, letting her go, I was happy because she was ecstatic.  Then I was able to put Alicia on pause.  In a few weeks I'll be on the search for new songs, new beats to blow life into Maitlyn's brother Kendrick or maybe her sister Kamaya.  Not sure yet who'll come first.  I think it will depend on the song that moves me. 


Anonymous said...

That was a good song, but, is it for her new love or the old one?

Deborah Mello said...

Definitely, her new love!