Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Gary had a torrid little affair with one of his co-workers. At the time Gary and his cohort were both married to other people. That torrid little affair produced a too cute bundle who became his mama’s greatest joy.

Gary questioned whether or not baby Gary was truly his, ‘cause Junior’s mama also had a husband. Gary couldn’t fathom a wife not sleeping with her husband, even if she was sleeping with him. It conveniently slipped Gary’s mind that he wasn’t sleeping with his own wife which was why he was doing the do on the other side of town in the first place.

Girlfriend readily offered a paternity test but Gary passed, feeling that not knowing was best for all concerned, most particularly his wife.

Fast forward and not once did anyone ever ask a thing from Gary. No child support, no time, no nothing. Nada! His gal pal figured he would have to man-up all on his own, or not.

Gary chose not, having neither the testicles or the moral fiber to do what was right. Now Gary’s son is all grown up, still not knowing the man who donated the other half of his DNA. Not knowing that the new acquaintance who recently befriended him is actually is half-sister. Not knowing because Gary ignores his new friend requests and mama’s not telling until she absolutely has to.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy you wrote this blog post. I am a female "baby Gary" and your post is a reality for a lot of people. I went through life not knowing my dad or siblings until I was 18, even though we all lived in the same city. Its was a blessing from God I had never dated within my fathers family, but it could have happened as I did not know who they were. Children should know who their family is, this world may seem big but with Myspace, Facebook and Twitter it is very small. My husband and I discuss this all the time, as it is a huge Pet peeve and hot button issue for me. I do not understand how a man can have been with a woman and know she has become pregnant, but not care to know or want to find out if the child she is carrying or has delivered is his.