Sunday, December 13, 2009


It’s a law of nature. You cannot have more than one queen in a hive. A multiple-queen colony is dependent on those queens being able to exist in a harmonious manner. Harmony being the key. As I tried to explain to my boy Derrick, it doesn’t even work with bees so the chances of it working with women is slim and nil. Without that harmony those queens don’t do anything but wreck havoc in an otherwise peaceful home.

Derrick has too many queens in his beehive. Ex-wives, new girlfriends and family each trying to take care of his needs. Ex-wives, new girlfriends and family each trying to sit on top of King Derrick’s throne. Derrick’s queens are battling for space; closet space, parking space, kitchen space, Derrick space. But boyfriend can’t seem to grasp why any of his women would have a problem. Derrick doesn’t understand the law of nature that says there can only be one Queen and only one Queen can rule.

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