Monday, October 12, 2009


Jill’s best friend liked Jack. The best friend told Jill. Jill dated Jack and they had a baby. Jill and her best friend are no longer friends. Jack and Jill were in love, happy with their baby. Then Jack started acting like a dick and Jill wasn’t happy any more.

Jill’s new best friend liked Peter. Jill decided she’d now be in love with Peter. Jill left Jack to date Peter. Jill was down another new best friend. Jill was happy. Peter was happy. Jack wasn’t happy at all. Then Jack made everybody unhappy. So Jill left Peter and went back to Jack. But Jack was still a dick so Jill left him again. Peter gave Jill an ultimatum, tired of Jill’s games. So Jill went back to Jack, again.

Now, Jack and Jill are getting married and Jill is all in love, again. And this has only been the first year in Jack and Jill’s relationship.

So, what have we learned from Jack and Jill?

(1) Don’t be best friends with Jill.
(2) If you like Dick, definitely don’t tell Jill.
(3) Jack is still a dick.
(4) Jack and Jill deserve each other.
(5) Child services should probably come save that poor baby from the train wreck that is his parent’s.
(6) Not all fairy tales have a happy ending.

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