Tuesday, July 16, 2019


I started this blog thirteen years ago today. It feels like a lifetime has passed since my very first post. Since July 16, 2006 I've written about my divorce, a new relationship, graduations, grandchildren being born, illnesses survived, and milestones accomplished. Back then I had the body of a twenty-year-old and now I have a head full of gray hair. 

I don’t blog nearly as much as I did when I first started. And not because I don’t want to because I do. I sometimes still feel like my hands are tied, the things I used to write about, not things I can still share. Or things that anyone would be interested in reading. That’s just me being in my own head when I don’t need to be. But this space is still my go-to spot to rant about absolutely nothing, where everyone knows I won’t bite my tongue if I decide to spew about something important.

Writing has become a chore of sorts. In all honesty, there are days that I’m not sure I still want to do this. There are also days where I still can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I still have stories that haunt me, characters that show up when least expected demanding I tell their tales. I still chalk it up to my brand of crazy. I have yet to find any other explanation for it.

When I started this blog I didn’t have a clear vision of where it would go. I still don’t. I just knew it would be one hell of a ride for those that chose to hang in here with me. I’ve never stressed about the numbers. Worrying about who visited the space and how often would have made it hard work. I was determined that this wasn’t going to be challenging, just fun, and since I had no interest in doing anything different if the numbers said I should, why bother? 

I greatly appreciate everyone who has ever stopped by to read a post. Those who took a moment to comment have made my heart sing. Thank you for supporting me.

I’m committed to hanging in here for just a little longer. My life journey is taking me in a new direction, and I’ll need to find my way writing about it. My age will have much to do with what comes next. I’ve become my grandmother. I rarely give a flying fig about what others think. That should make for some interesting commentary.

As I go forward, I pray that I will be an inspiration to many, and on occasion, a voice for those who are struggling with their own. I also promise to write more, write better, and maybe say something profound every now and again.

So, tighten those seat belts. This ride isn't finished just yet. 

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Ms.Prissy said...

Congratulations Deborah, thats7 what I love about you. Your so organically true to who you are as a individual not trying to fit in. Just keep being true to you that's what most of us appreciate. .Happy Bloggeraversary!!��