Friday, July 24, 2015


Author Rooms is excited to welcome renowned author Alice Wootson! 

Alice Greenhowe Wootson grew up in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She attended Cheyney University and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education. She later earned a Masters Degree in Education, and Reading Specialist Certification.

Alice is the award-winning author of eleven romance novels. She is also an award-winning poet and a member of the Philadelphia Writers Conference and The Mad Poets Society. Alice has taught writing workshops for several chapters of RWA and other groups.

Active in several ministries in her church, she also spends any spare time she can find reading, writing, traveling and enjoying her grandchildren. 

Coming soon from Alice is her next release BORDER DANGER, to be published by Prism Book Group. It is an inspirational romantic suspense and deals with the dangers of border patrol agents assigned to the Texas-Mexican border in Brownsville, Texas. 

In BORDER DANGER border patrol agents Brooke Hudson and Darien McKee experience different situations while on assignment that shake their faith. She considers resigning from the agency, but will try reassignment instead. Darien is forced to transfer from the Yuma Sector after an incident in the desert. They are assigned as partners. A personal relationship develops between them. An incident occurs that makes it necessary for them to be assigned different partners, but they continue to see each other socially. Brooke’s new partner makes a rash decision that puts her in jeopardy. Will her faith help her out of the dangerous situation? Darien realizes he loves her. When she disappears, he finds his faith returning as he searches for Brooke. Will he find her in time?

What does your writing process look like?
 Messy. Like my workspace! I get an idea from wherever. Often it's something I read or hear or something that comes up in a discussion. What comes to me is just a general idea. Then my  mnd starts a 'what if'  journey.  My first novel, 'Snowbound with Love' was triggered when a weatherman stating that it was early February and we had already had seventeen snowstorms. My last novel, 'Border Love' and the next, 'Border Danger' were triggered when we spent several winters in Brownsville, Texas and I saw how close the border fence was to Mexico. The Rio Grande River is narrow and shallow there and you can see Mexico through the chainlink fence. Students commute to Texas Southernmost University by walking across a bridge.
What makes your writing space special to you?
Even though I had a bedroom on our third floor converted to an office, I use the dining room table. Everything I might need is there. I guess it's special to me because nobody else could find anything there. 

What book do you wish you could have written?
I can't think of any.
Is there any subject you could never write about?
Abuse or cruelty of any kind.
Do you have any special writing habits?
Of course not.  All of my writing habits are perfectly normal. After all, they're mine! Unless you count that I need my cup of tea as I write. Flavored. (I prefer Constant Comment or Earl Grey.) Or that I have to play Microsofts' Solitaire & Mahjong games of the day before I start working. (This used to be my reward for after. I don't know when it changed.) When I'm revising or editing, I have gospel or country or old school music in the background. When I'm writing from scratch, though, I need it to be quiet. Other than those, I'm just a regular author.


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