Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Family drama!  Family drama!  She insisted that there had to be drama.  According to her the unthinkable had been done.   They had killed off the Stallion family line!  She was adamant that someone needed to answer for such a sin!
I assured her that no such thing had been done.  In fact, the Stallions are still kicking, still strong, still entertaining, but their family line has grown, as it should.
Then I leaned in close and we gossiped a little.  “That Stallion brother Matthew, he’s the second oldest son, remember?  Well, he and that long lost sister Phaedra both married into the same family; the Boudreaux family!” I whispered.
“Now that was a scandal!” she gushed.  Her laugh was just a touch wicked as she continued.  “Papa Stallion was a rolling stone!  That Phaedra girl came out of nowhere!  But what do we know about these Boudreaux people?” she questioned.
"You don’t know the Boudreaux’s?” I responded.  “There a very well respected family out of New Orleans.  Katherine and Senior Boudreaux’s brood.  They say there are nine of them.”
“Never heard of them,” she replied.
“Matthew married their daughter Katrina and Phaedra Stallion married their oldest son, Mason.  And she married well.  That brother owned a chain of hotels!”
She hesitated for a brief second.  “That kind of rings a bell,” she answered. 
“Well, it should.  How can you forget the mess they got tangled up in while they were visiting Thailand?  Mason almost didn’t come home.  And, Matthew’s wife Katrina is a district court judge.  This is her second marriage and you know they say she was expecting a child before the two made it down the aisle.” 
She gasped, clutching a hand to her chest.  “What!” she screeched.  “Kimani let something like that happen?”
I nodded.  “Some things just can’t be helped,” I replied.
“Didn’t that Katrina Boudreaux already have one son?” she asked.
“That’s right!  She had a child with her first husband.  Now she and Matthew Stallion have a baby together.  She had a beautiful little boy named after his father.  I’m told they plan to call him by a nickname though.  Baby Jake or something like that.”
“These young folks and their nicknames!”
“I didn’t think that one was too bad.”
“What about that oldest Stallion brother John?  Have he and that lovely wife of his had any children yet?”
“I don’t think so but then I’m hoping to catch up with them very soon.”
“I’m sure that will never happen!”
“And I’m sure it will.  I know for a fact that you’ll catch up with John and Marah through Maitlyn Boudreaux.  She’s the oldest Boudreaux daughter.  They’re all traveling in Morocco together as we speak.  I hear she can’t wait to get back to share the dirt.  They say she’s met a man over there.  After her nasty divorce she really needed one, if you get my drift!”
“Humph!  It’s still not my Stallions!”
“But you’ll get more brothers with these in-laws.  I hear Mason, Kendrick, Guy, Donovan, and Darryl Boudreaux are foine!”
“How foine?”
“Stallion foine!”
“You sure about that?”
“Deborah Fletcher Mello wouldn’t do you like that!”
She nodded.  “So where do I start?”
“Passionate Premiere is Guy Boudreaux’s story.  He’s the black James Bond, you know?”
“Double-O-7 James Bond?”
“The black one!”
“How am I supposed to remember who’s who?”
“Deborah’s got you covered.  Check out the Family Tree page on her website, I Ain’t Said Nothing But A Word.  It’ll get better and better as she keeps us up to date with who’s doing who and news of any babies we need to know about.”
“Anything else coming that I might be interested in?”
“Darryl Boudreaux’s book is coming in July.”
“What’s his story?”
“Another tall, dark, drink of rock solid man to lose yourself in.”
She nodded.  “I can work with that.  And I’ll still be able to keep up with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Stallion?”
“And then some!
“The Boudreaux Family, you say?”
“From New Orleans!”

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