Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The release of FOREVER A STALLION is just around the corner and I’m excited to introduce the one and only Stallion sister, Phaedra Parrish.  But I’m even more excited to introduce Mason Boudreaux, the oldest son of the Boudreaux clan out of New Orleans.

Much like the Stallion’s, the Boudreaux’s are a tight knit family bonded by the strength of loving parents, grounded in their faith, with a sibling lineup that will make for some interesting antics, fun-filled moments, and hopefully, some really great story lines.

The Stallion brothers were all dark chocolate treats, each with his own delectable filling.  John was pure candy, nothing else needed.  Matthew was nougat, a complex mix of chewy rich fudge, nuts, and fruit.  Mark was the chocolate treat with the surprise middle, each bite a surprise, and of course baby brother Luke was simply nut-filled.

And now, I have the Boudreaux’s, a kaleidoscope of personalities from powerhouse Mason to pampered princess Tarah.  When this family came to me I had images of them in my mind’s eye, casting them by their looks and personalities.  I’ve always known who Mason would look like, even before his name came to me.  I also knew that he would be dynamic, and powerful, and a force to be reckoned with.  I likened Mason after one of my biggest celebrity crushes, Tyler Perry.  But only the Tyler in a suit, conducting major business Tyler.  Tyler looking debonair and suave, with that dynamic smile, was my Mason Boudreaux.  There are only a select few images of Tyler where I can see Mason.  I’ve since fallen out with Tyler but that’s another story for another day.

Mason Boudreaux came to me when I was writing Matthew Stallion’s story.  His love interest, Katrina Broomes, had to have family and it hit me that she had to have one heck of a family.  I instantly imagined Mason and their baby brother Guy Boudreaux.

Now Guy is a superstar.  He’s drop dead gorgeous, with a head of great hair.  And then, one day, while surfing the internet, I fell across the likeness of Guy.  A perfect likeness!  Once he was fleshed out his story came with a vengeance.  So, my next book, PASSIONATE PREMIERE, coming in February 2013 will introduce award-winning actor Guy Boudreaux and filmmaker, Dahlia Morrow.

The stories are coming and I think I’ve taken the writing to a whole other level.  Right now, I’ve got an office romance simmering in the back of my head.  An office romance with a ton of deceit, bad behavior, and much, much drama.

After that?  You just never know.

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