Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birth Day!!

My maternal grandmother once told me that with death there comes life; that for a soul to come into this world, one must pass out of it.  I have always marveled at the cycle, the truth of it unnerving on one hand and comforting on the other.
After enduring so much loss this past month, it was a joy to witness a new life entering the world.  I was privileged to be with family last night as we welcomed a new baby into the fold, her first cries the sweetest music to my ears.
She’s a beautiful baby.  She came into this world surrounded by an abundance of love.  I can only begin to imagine the bright future that lies ahead for her, a future that has already blessed her with adoring parents and the support of a large, extended family.
She is a little girl who will want for nothing.  She’s our little princess and the brightest joy for us all. 
Happy Birth Day, Joanna Alaina!!  Welcome to your life journey!

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