Friday, April 30, 2010


When Wally and Diane have problems, Wally has seven really good female friends to turn to for advice. And like most female friends of single men, his really good female friends always have something to say about his personal life. Diane however doesn’t have the same network of support to turn to. Diane made the mistake of turning to a male acquaintance for advice only one time and she is still paying the price for having done so. Clearly, according to Wally’s seven friends, there had to have been more going on with Diane and what’s-his-name than Diane has been upfront about. And even Wally finds it hard to believe that there was absolutely nothing to Diane and that man.

Convincing Wally that something was truly nothing has proven to be impossible at best. Knowing that Wally doesn’t trust Diane or what Diane feels for him breaks her heart. Knowing that any conversation about the nature of their relationship will turn into a castigation of everything Diane has ever done wrong, starting with what’s-his-name, has proven to be more than Diane could ever imagine having to bear. The burden of it all has completely ravaged her spirit.

After everything they’ve shared, Wally should know Diane’s heart. Diane can’t expect seven people who have never met her and who know nothing about her to have any idea why she might do whatever she has done. She would expect Wally to know and even try to understand. Instead, Wally’s allowed the ugly of it all to fester into a concrete wall between them.

Maybe, if Diane keeps banging her head against the bricks long enough, Wally might find some forgiveness in his heart and the two of them can move on. Then again, maybe he’ll just keep listening to his friends and move on without her.

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