Thursday, April 09, 2009


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With increased rejections, decreased royalty payments, and there being an unsettling funk over the publishing industry as a whole, this was a pleasant surprise. Then again, not really, when I consider that recently an event coordinator advised that there would be no books for me at a book event I was committed to participate in. According to the distributor, TO TAME A WILD STALLION and TO LOVE A STALLION are now out of print and my other titles are out of stock indefinitely. Other romance author friends have noted the same thing. It would seem that none of our books are available so somebody must be reading something.

It's nice to know that despite the current economic conditions, folks is still getting their groove on!

Go Harlequin! Go Harlequin! Go Harlequin!
Go Kimani! Go Kimani! Go Kimani!

(Doing that happy dance! Clapping my hands! Shaking my hips! Stamping my feet! Happy, happy, happy!)

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