Monday, July 28, 2008


When the story starts, "Once upon a time...", and the writer is black, things suddenly change in the publishing world. No matter how you spin it, the truth of that fact hurts. Author Bernice McFadden articulates the frustration, and the sheer ignorance of it, here.

If by chance you don't know who Bernice McFadden is, then you've truly missed out. The woman is an incredibly gifted storyteller. Her writing is lyrical, moving you to dance in places you might never have imagined. Read her last book, Nowhere is a Place. Then go back and catch up on all the others. You won't be able to help yourself. Her book Suga' is one of my absolute favorites. She also writes under the moniker, Geneva Holliday, with her last book Seduction having just been released. All of her tales are great fodder for a reader's, and a fellow writer's, spirit.

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Cashana said...

As a book club founder and avid reader of Bernice McFadden and others, her frustation is felt by readers such as myself, who want to read stories other than what the publishers are pushing down our throat. I've suspended the book reviews our group does because of the underwelming reads submitted.