Monday, December 10, 2007


Imagine being given an opportunity for a life-changing experience and then being unable to participate because you do not have the funds. I have a young friend who is in that position at this very moment. T’Keya Fox is an exceptional young woman, doing some exceptional things. She’s a seventeen-year old high school junior who is striving for excellence in every aspect of her young life. I haven’t met many young women with her drive and initiative and from the first introduction I was truly impressed with her. T’Keya has some lofty goals for herself and continually demonstrates her intent to achieve each and every one.

T’Keya was recently selected to represent her Burlington, NC high school and community as a National Scholar at the National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, DC this spring. T’Keya’s academic excellence and extraordinary leadership potential was recognized by the high school teachers who nominated her for this honor.

Being afforded such an opportunity comes with an exceptionally high price. Conference tuition and the costs to get there and back home are expensive. T’Keya comes from a single parent home, her mom working two jobs to support the family. Like most of us, there is little money for “extras”. T’Keya being able to afford the fees associated with this endeavor unfortunately falls on that “extras” list. T’Keya requires financial assistance to make this dream come true and although the Congressional Youth Leadership Council hosting the event is sensitive to her need for help, the best they do is make suggestions to the child to guide her in fundraising.

So, on behalf of my friend T’Keya, I’m reaching out and fundraising from my heart. I’m doing this because T’Keya is a young black female at the pinnacle of her future and I want to see her succeed. I understand that without support things could easily go in a different direction for this sweet child and I do not want to see that happen. Thus far she’s made some excellent choices for herself and I believe that with continued support and love from family and friends she will keep doing that. There’s a big world out there for T’Keya to experience and I’d like to see her afforded every opportunity available to her.

I’m holding out my hand and asking folks to open their hearts and their pockets. Towards that goal I am hosting an on-line fundraiser to generate whatever funds I can. Between December 11th and February 28th I’ll be selling “event” tickets to raise as much money as I can possibly raise. With every $25 ticket purchased I’ll give the donor a signed copy of my next book, To Love A Stallion. For every $100 donation I’ll give the donor a signed copy of my next book and a copy of my June 2008 release, Tame A Wild Stallion. Donate $250 and I’ll send you signed copies of every book I’ve published up to June 2008.

A payment method has been set up through PAYPAL. You don't need a PAYPAL account to pay by one of the acceptable payment methods. Just click the "I don't have an account" button and it will still be just fine. If you need more info about T'Keya or the conference, please hit the comment button below.

Every dollar is a step in the right direction for T’Keya’s future. If you can, please help me help this baby’s dream come true. Let’s afford her the opportunity to participate in this life-changing experience. Let’s help her raise those funds.

Thank you.

T'Keya Fox Fundraiser!


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah,
I think this is a great fundraiser and I am going to do my best to buy a ticket.

I also want to tell you how much I love this book give me a Stallion any day. I tell when you come back you come back SWINGINGGGGGGG. This book was so good I laugh & cried. You talking about a ALPHA man LAWD HAVE MERCY. I love me some John and Marah. I can't wait for "Tame A Wild Stallion" is this Mark story.
I am so glad you are back and we have 4 books to look forward to. Are you working on anything else? Will these be the only two book for this year or do you have some other books coming out this year?


Deborah Mello said...

Hey Louise and thank you!

This is a great fundraiser. This is one truly incredible young woman and I so much want to see her do well. The family is struggling through some hard times but she is keeping her head, her spirit and her grades up. I couldn't be more proud if she were my own.

The Stallion men make my blood boil! Girl, I love all of them brothers and I'm glad that you did as well. Mark's story is coming in June and it's as hot. Mark is even more alpha male than John and has truly met his match. Brother Luke's story is tentatively set for October if the schedule holds and if the writing stays on track I'm hoping that Matthew's story will come out in February 2009.

I'm writing and having a blast doing it so let's hope that translates into many more really great tales for you to enjoy.

Thanks for commenting and much appreciation for the support.

Warm regards,