Thursday, November 28, 2013


It’s just past the midnight hour and I should be in bed, resting up for Turkey Day, but I’m finding it difficult to turn off my brain.  There’s just too much running through my head.  I’m not hosting the holiday meal this year, so thankfully the menu isn’t on my mind. Thanksgiving dinner will be a potluck event. Family and friends were assigned their respective dishes to insure everyone brings their very best to the dinner table. I’m doing my favorite macaroni and cheese. I’ll boil the macaroni and mix it up with my favorite five cheeses when I get up in the morning. I’ll toss it into the oven shortly after breakfast. Big Daddy is pulling his famous pumpkin pudding out of the oven as I type. The smell of cinnamon and sugar is heavy in the air and the house feels festive. After hours of quilting this evening, sipping on a hot cup of tea with my laptop in front of me and the house smelling like a bakery feels darn good.
This whole year has felt darn good. Bumps in the road were minor but my blessings were abundant. The writing has been on point and I signed two major book deals. There was a major award nomination and I’m on schedule to do much traveling next year as I gear up for some serious book promoting. On the home front, things are good. My man loves me and my kids are doing exceptionally well. My grandbabies are now making their mark on this here big world and I’m one proud grandparent. My old people are still taking names and kicking butt and I know that with their ages and health issues that such a thing is indeed a blessing. Love paints the walls in every room in my home and my heart is immeasurably full.
Before I close my eyes tonight I’ll wish a prayer for everyone in need. I’ll ask for a healing hand to be wrapped around all those who are hurting. I’ll pray for the hungry to be fed, the homeless to be sheltered. I’ll hope that those who are traveling find safe journey. I’ll ask that my angel keep a watchful eye on my nearest and dearest. I’ll pray that we all know love more than we will ever know anything else. I’ll say a prayer of thanksgiving and when I wake in the morning I’ll pray it again.
I hope that this day brings love, peace and comfort to those in need and that everyone else is able to give thanks for what’s good in their own lives.
I wish you all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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