Tuesday, August 27, 2013


There are a few award shows I’ve come to avoid like the plague.  My age has finally caught up with me and since I can’t reach into the television set to shake some sense into people I don’t like to upset myself unnecessarily.  Regrettably I watched this year’s Video Music Awards and it took no time at all for me to wish that I hadn’t. 
What the VMA confirmed for me is that wealth, nor success, brings maturity.  Maturity comes with age, hard work, heartbreak and a few hard knocks that make you sit back and re-evaluate your choices.  Most of the young participants being honored at the VMA still have a whole lot of growing up to do.
Calling out your ex-boyfriend for being your ex-boyfriend is what you do in high school.  And even then it looks childish and stupid.  An expensive, pretty dress won’t mask bad behavior so why would you want to remind everyone that you’ve gone through half the boy bands in the country and are regularly dumped like the locker room tramp?  You told your side of the breakup in song, won an award for it and meanwhile he’s moved on without giving you a second thought.  I’m thinking all you really managed to do was remind him why he’s glad he’s no longer with you in the first place.
Twerk?  Tongue?  Really?  That whole fiasco has people talking about you but no one has included the word “talented” in any of their commentaries.  Obviously you had a point to prove but mimicking the drunk chick on a college break binge said more about your lack of intelligence than anything else.  But hey, if you think your version of a super head video ho’ on crack elevated your star status who am I to comment?  I do know that if you want to shake your tits and ass, you might want to get some tits and ass first.  Back in 2009 an award winning performer apologized for saying that you would one day end up on the stripper pole.  I’m thinking he could have saved that apology because he hit that prediction right on the head.  You dropped it low and wide and the performance most of us saw was the one where the boys in the club would make it rain for you and you wouldn't even have to pretend to sing while you were doing it.
And for those taking issue with MTV for their coverage.  Get a grip.  It’s MTV.  The acts weren’t 14 and you weren’t watching The Cartoon Network.  Okay, maybe a little bit of it was cartoonish.  But it’s not rocket science to know that if you don’t want little junior scarred for life then you don’t let him watch MTV, BET, or HBO.  Give him a book to read and turn the television off all together.  Haven’t you heard?  Reading is fundamental!

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