Monday, April 15, 2013


When I am in full-scale writing mode every one of my “bad” habits is in full effect.  The sleep schedule is way off, I’m everything but sociable, and the diet is anything but healthy.  I like to give it a good try though.  I usually eat my first meal of the day at noon.  And it is always a good meal.  This week there was yogurt and granola, egg white omelets, flour-less, gluten-free banana pancakes, and the one day I ate bacon, it was turkey bacon.  When I did think about dinner it was usually well after six pm and I tried to think about eating healthy, doing an adequate job of consuming many vegetables, chicken and fish, and very few carbs.    Then of course that midnight hour rolls around and all my efforts go straight to hell.
I am not above making a fast food run in the middle of night.  In fact, I’ve been known to make quite a few midnight food runs convinced that I’m hungry and too consumed with my word count to stop and “cook” anything. 
My partner in crime and I just got back from that food run.  I just had to have a BK Chicken Sandwich.  It was also more economical to get it with the fries and drink.  Since it’s after midnight I don’t have to add it to yesterday’s calorie count which would have taken me well over my daily budget.  It’ll be yogurt and NO granola when I have my next meal.
At the order window my favorite guy ordered a burger.  Then he added this and added that, convinced it all balanced out when he excluded the onion.  In the middle of the night, being tired and punch drunk, justifying our bad eating usually results in much laughter.  As we scanned the order on the screen he noted that he’d been charged some extra change for additional tomato and he took issue with it at the pick-up window.
Him:  Excuse me ma’am, but did you charge me an extra 30 cents for that tomato?
Her:  Yes, sir, it’s policy.
Him:  But I’m not getting onion.
Her:  I understand, sir, but that’s how the system works.
Him:  Oh, okay.  Well, do you charge me if I add extra pickle?
Her:  No, sir.  Would you like extra pickle instead of the tomato?
Him:  Just keep the tomato.  I don’t want to be difficult.
Minutes later, the two late night employees had disappeared from view and we still had not received our order.
Him:  I wonder what’s taking so long?
Me:  They’re probably back there licking that tomato to thank you for not being difficult!
Moral of the story?  I don’t need to be making late night runs anywhere in the middle of the night.

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