Friday, August 24, 2012


Youth today are in a league all their own.  They are a new breed of kid and with this generation coming up, I can only ask “why?”

Joshua graduated over a year ago.  Since then he’s made no effort to do anything of any value.  No effort has been made to go to school or work.  I asked Joshua if he had plans for his future.  He answered with a disinterested shrug of his shoulder.  I asked if he’d considered college.  He told me that he really had no interest in anything at all.  Joshua said he’s all about “making that paper”.  Since Joshua doesn’t have a job, and doesn’t seem much interested in anything at all, legal or otherwise, I don’t know how he plans to make that "paper" happen.  His parents support his bad habits, affording him the only "paper" he ever seems to get and he can’t rationalize why he should make any effort to change.

Tasia was raised by an adoring grandmother.  She was made to go to church every Sunday and be respectful of her elders.  Since graduating high school Tasia moved out on her own, leaving her granny  and her home training behind.  I asked Tasia about her interest in higher education.  She slammed a telephone down in my ear in response.

I want to ask Jessica about her plans, to discover if there is anything that moves her creative spirit.  Jessica won’t bother to answer my calls, having blocked my phone number because Jessica couldn't give a rat’s ass about doing anything except having herself a good time.  

Youth today believe in their good time.  It supersedes everything they should be doing.  Preparing for their future is no fun.  Pissing away time, energy, and mama and daddy’s money makes them just as happy as little pigs in mud,  They wallow in the experience, taking delight in doing nothing, or doing everything they have no business doing.   A wise woman once said that all most kids today have to do is eat, sleep, and poop and they can't even do that without stepping in it.

I have seen and heard some things from some kids today that would have gotten my own offspring a real world ass whipping.  My own may have given it some consideration but they would not have been so brazen or so stupid to take that kind of risk.  Those of my own generation would not have even contemplated it, the thought of being so rude and disrespectful in no way crossing our minds.  Like many, had I even looked at my parents the wrong way I would have gotten my teeth slapped down my throat.

So when I encounter some teens today, I can’t help but eye their entire generation with frustration, wondering where, when, and how it all went wrong. 

I can’t help but ask, why?

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