Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Yesterday I watched a young friend who was struggling with what to do for the new love interest in his life.  His female friends were bombarding him with more ideas than he could comprehend.  As he stood in line at the mall, having selected what everyone else perceived was the perfect gift for his girl, he suddenly had a change of heart.  Nothing about the gift reflected who he was and what he stood for.  Nor did it speak to the relationship he had and was wanting with his companion.  He asked for advice and I told him to keep it simple.   I reminded him that it was more about them being together, sharing time and space, and capturing memories that would last her a lifetime, whether they remained partners or not.
One of my most memorable Valentine’s Days was my high school honey who convinced me to skip Spanish class and steal away early from school.  He’d packed a picnic lunch (turkey sandwiches, Cheetos, brownies, and bottles of coca cola).  We spent the afternoon at the beach, our butts plastered with damp sand, the one blanket he’d bought wrapped around our shoulders to ward off the cold temperature as we sat staring out over Long Island Sound.  They were the best sandwiches and brownies I’d ever tasted and to this day, Cheetos are one of my favorite feel good snacks.  We talked and laughed and had a great time and his simple gesture made me feel immensely special.
This year, Valentine’s Day came a few days early for me, with a life-changing proposition that I just had to say YES to.  So being in such a very special frame of mind on such a very special day means even more than those turkey sandwiches and Cheetos.  I’m on a path of establishing a wealth of memories that will surely last me and mine a lifetime.
This Valentine’s Day go make memories.  And know that those memories don’t have to be about any one man or woman.  Those memories should always be about an expression of love for anyone who has managed to occupy a place in your heart.
It’s Valentine’s Day.  Let everyone special in your life know how much they are loved.

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