Friday, April 08, 2011


I am sometimes in awe of how a story comes to me. Many, many, many years ago a story unfolded within the depths of a very dark and haunting dream. I can still remember the child who spoke to me in that dream, admonishing me to witness the details of that story through her eyes. I can still hear her innocent voice, calling for me. Calling for me to be her storyteller.

When I awoke and laid pen to paper I was a bit daunted by how easily the words flowed. It was as if something else was guiding my hand, intent on my telling each and every vivid detail.

Fast forward almost fifteen years and that story has since placed favorably in three writing competitions, one of which was judged by renowned author Edwidge Danicat. And despite its many accolades and favorable critiques, the publishing houses didn’t feel there was an audience for such a tale. Although I was told that traditional publishing was not an option and I was admonished to write other things, I remained intent on seeing that story come to life. I remained determined to prove the naysayers wrong. I knew that whatever was meant to happen with this story would come in due time. It's now due time.

Today, MaGregor Press announced the publication and release of that story. It absolutely warms my spirit to finally bring you my first literary work, Rested Waters. Rested Waters is the haunting story of Janay Tucker, a young woman who is forced to reflect back on her past and the memories of her tumultuous childhood when she receives notice of her incarcerated father’s death. Rehashing history through the eyes of her paternal grandfather, James Tucker, Janay is made to flash back to a past with an abusive mother who dies a violent death, a father incarcerated for the crime, and the family and friends left to help rebuild her future. The story is a tapestry of human encounters, delving into the emotions and experiences of love and turmoil, racism and respect, flesh and spirit. It is perhaps, some of my best writing.

Rested Waters is a story unlike all of my romances although it is clearly a story of faith and everlasting love. Please enjoy the first chapter HERE.

Rested Waters can be ordered now by clicking the cover link at the top of the page and will soon be available at in both book and Kindle formats and wherever books are sold.

And with that, I am back. Back to writing, back to blogging, back to the art of storytelling the only way I know how.


Anonymous said...

Hey stranger read the first chapter loved it and as usual a million questions ran through my mind. Just wanted to let you know I love the cover of the book! Awesome! That artistic side of you coming out. The colors, the water looks as if she is staring into a pond and reflecting, even the expression on the face, the position of the eyes..Anyway keep writing! Much love, Bridget

Deborah Mello said...

Can't wait for your "in depth" review!!! And I am so proud of the cover. That was most fun to create! Take care. Love ya!